Text analytics for higher education
Analyse student writing in context
For Quantext use cases, screencast tutorials, and user guides, check out
https://workbench.quantext.org Quantext Workbench

Quantext for teachers

Helps you to understand your students:

  • Address common misconceptions.
  • Identify and fix ambiguous or confusing material.
  • Identify changes in student learning.
  • Compare learning within and between student cohorts.

Quantext for course coordinators

Helps you to design better courses:

  • Analyse curriculum documents and teaching materials.
  • Align and design courses and assessment.
  • Prepare for course and quality audits.
  • Compare learning outcomes with learning objectives.

Quantext for tertiary institutions

Helps you to compete effectively:

  • Analyse student evaluations of teaching.
  • Identify areas for systemic improvement.
  • Track student experience.
  • Compare experience within and between student cohorts.