DIY Staircase Ideas

Staircases are both functional and focus pieces in your home so it's important that they shine. How do you know what railing is right for you? Allow Hometalk to help. Here you'll find inspiration for the perfect staircase for your home. Browse our slideshows to spark your creativity. Got a question? Get it answered. We've got you covered.

Top Projects for Staircases

Check out the top staircase projects Hometalk has to offer.

Staircase Videos

Watch a step by step instructional video to get you started on your staircase.

DIY Shiplap-Staircase Organization Bench (VIDEO)

How to build an organization bench with a shiplap wall!

Farmhouse Staircase With Chalk Paint®

For this project, the staircase, my husband told me to hire a company instead of trying to do this ourselves. We decided a professional was needed to ensure we have a quality job and that we’re up to code in our home. The company we hired to build and install the staircase was fantastic. They gave us the option to demo the old staircase ourselves and they provided tips on what needed to be demoed. Everything was totally up-front. The company didn’t stain or paint the wood and they didn’t pretend they did. They knew what they offered and their quote reflected that. Having an installer took care of the hard laborious parts but left the fun things to me (painting). This gave me the ability to paint everything exactly as I was envisioning, while also saving a bundle. Painting the newels and handrails is not difficult but it is time-consuming. It was particularly time-consuming because I was working toward a very specific look while also accenting the farmhouse feel we were already building.

Transform Your Staircase in Just 2 Hours!

An easy project to change your boring white stair's kick plate or front into something out of a magazine. You're neighbors will be so envious!!Watch the video below to see what it looks like now!

How to Refinish a Railing That Will Last

Our home was built in the late 90’s and it screamed 90’s! It just felt so sterile with the white tile everywhere and an over abundance of yellow maple cabinetry and woodwork! Updating the railing was a game changer in bringing this home into the current century! Using the right products and techniques will result in a finish that will last for years to come.

New Staircas Projects

Take a moment to see what's trending in staircases today and update your home.

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