Sea Glass Netting Jar Candleholder

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Sea glass netting gives off the perfect summer vibe to a patio. Here's how to turn an empty jar into a glowy, coastal candleholder.

You'll need:

* Clear gloss spray OR glass frosting spray

* Kitchen twine

* Empty jar

* Scissors

* Drop cloth

* Items to add to the jar, like decorative pebbles and a tea light

First, spray the clear coat or frosting spray onto the jar and over a drop cloth. If you use the clear coat, it will give the glass a hazy look while the frosting spray will really make the glass opaque.

Allow to fully dry.

Tie a loose loop of the kitchen twine around the top of the jar. The loop should be not too tight as you are going to be tying more strands of twine to this but it shouldn't be so loose that it will slip down over the jar.

Cut six strands of twine at the length of six times the height of the jar. So if your jar is 8 inches tall: 8x6 = 48 inches long.

Fold the twine in half and insert the loop at the middle under the loose loop already tied on the top.

Open the loop and insert the rest of the end OVER the loose loop on the top...

And pull to tighten.

Do this for all six pieces of twine.

Use one strand each from an adjoining pair of strands and tie in a double knot. Make the knot about an inch down and the result should give you a little triangle shape between this knot and the two knots on the loose loop.

Continue creating these triangles in the same manner all the way around the jar for the first layer.

Do the same thing for the second layer but these will create diamond shapes vs triangles.

Continue creating more layers of diamonds until you reach the bottom of the jar.

Turn the jar upside down and tie the ends of the twine across the bottom to secure. Tie the knots to the side of the bottom so it will sit level on twine stands and not the knots.

Now, it's ready to fill with items like decorative rocks and a tea light!

So pretty! These are not only great for patios but any beach or coastal themed event.

Suggested materials:
  • Empty jar   (Grocery store)
  • Kitchen twine   (Amazon)
  • Clear spray or frosting spray   (Home improvement store)
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