Poisonous Lantana?


So, I recently learned that lantana is terribly poisonous to horses and cattle. I thought the poster must have been exaggerating but as I read through the comments, everyone concurred. Many people said it was even illegal in their country and were horrified to find that it was for sale in big box stores in the US. I think that was Australia or New Zealand where it was illegal. I have forgotten if all these new plants that planted were Lantana and I’m hoping some of you garden experts can weigh in on the following pictures. And from what I learned it doesn’t matter if you don’t have livestock because birds and wind can transport the seeds a great distance.

Update: I just asked my neighbor and the yellow is Lantana but the others are Verbena. Whew!

poisonous lantana
I believe this Is Lantana.
poisonous lantana
This was a pot of several plants but is that Lantana in the bottom?
poisonous lantana
How about this plant? Is it Lantana?
poisonous lantana
And lastly this one? Is this Lantana?
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