DIY Outdoor Porch Ideas

The perfect porch can become the entertaining space of your dreams, but do you know what you need to make that dream come true? The Hometalk community has all of the hacks you need to get you started and inspire you to build your own porch. Join the conversation on our dicussion boards or take a moment to watch a video. Be inspired!

Design Ideas for Porches

Pick a color theme

Choose a color theme of two or three colors only. Using only these colors allows your porch to utilize color without looking tacky.

Go vintage and antique

Decorate your porch using antique items and anything vintage. Create a feeling of nostalgia as guests enter your home.

Create a hangout spot

Turn your porch into a cozy place to meet and greet by adding chairs, potted plants, and lights for evening meetups.

Choose bright colors

Make a confident and lasting impression by using bright colors to decorate and paint your porch.

Build a modern porch

Design a modern porch by using materials such as brick or stone. Keep your colors neutral and your design minimal and simple.

Top DIY Porch Projects

Are you searching for the top DIY outdoor porch ideas? Make yourself at home.

Outdoor Porch Videos

DIY outdoor porch video tutorials to inspire you. Don't forget to take notes.

Catalog Inspired Decor for My Front Porch

I love getting all of those catalogs at home, they are like free magazines to me. They are a great source of inspiration, and I admit, I have made many catalog purchases over the years. When I spotted a beautiful urn filler in the Grandinroad spring catalog I was smitten.

DIY Small Rental Apartment Balcony Makeover

One of the first things I did when I moved into my rental apartment is give the balcony a makeover. But after living there for 5 years, I was ready for a new look! I had installed reed fencing panels to cover up the concrete walls but I was tired of that look and wanted to change things up.

Small Rental Balcony Makeover: Before and After

When I moved to LA from the East coast, I was determined to make the most out of my small balcony to enjoy the beautiful weather year round, even though I'm renting. It was a lot of work but it was well worth it: not only has it given me more usable square footage, it's also provided a much better view to look at from the inside of my apartment!

Front Porch Privacy Screen

When our neighbours decided to store their garbage bins at the side of their house we had more than just a curb appeal problem. Every time we came and went out the front door we were met with an unappealing view of their trash.

New Outdoor Porch Projects

Need some new DIY outdoor porch inspiration? Check out the new projects here.

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