Paper Bag Vase

2 Materials
1 Hour

This was one of the funnest and easiest projects to date! Not to mention free and that’s always a win in my book.

It almost reminds me of pineapple skin! Lol.

Start with a bunch of paper bags. Depending on the size of your container will depend on how many bags. I used about six for mine.

I had this jar that I had painted previously. I liked the shape. Really you could use any container.

Start by folding one bag up and cutting your strips. I cut my strips about 2 inches wide.

If your strips are too wide it will be hard to braid them.

I then scrunched the strips into “rope like “ pieces.

I taped the ends together and used packing tape to tape it to my porch. I then braided three strips together and taped the ends again.

I started gluing from the top.

I just kept wrapping and gluing until I got to the bottom.

To hide the ends, I would tear a smell piece of paper and glue and tuck around the starting and stopping ends. This gave it a much cleaner look.

I sprayed it with a clear coat to give it a bit of protection. I then filled it with wildflowers and ta-da! I think it’s very summery looking ☀️

Suggested materials:
  • Paper bags   (Jar)
  • Hot glue   (Clear coat -optional)
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