DIY Bedroom Organization ideas

Looking to start organizing your bedroom yourself? We've got the tips and inspiration to get your project underway. Take advantage of other Hometalkers' bedroom organization victories to make yours a resounding success too. Check out our videos, slideshows, discussion boards, and top projects. We can help you maintain an organized bedroom.

Keep It Organized

Use the loft

If you have a loft or attic, don’t be afraid to get up there and store items you aren’t using now but will require in the future.

Throw it away

If you have any furniture, decorations, or sports equipment you don’t need, get rid of them. Decluttering feels great.

Choose multi-use items

To maximize space, pick furniture that can be used in different ways, such as beds that can be opened for storage or chairs with fold-out beds.

Label boxes

When storing unused bedding or clothing you should label the boxes and bags, so that in the future you can see at a glance what’s inside.

Use zoning

Divide your bedroom into functional zones, such as for sleep or reading. You'll benefit from the sense of structure.

Top Projects for Bedroom Organizing

Looking for top bedroom organizing projects? Find your inspiration here.

Bedroom Organizing Videos

DIY bedroom organizing tips and tricks in video tutorial format. Take a look.

Electrical Spool Bookshelf/Table

I've seen tons of ideas floating around online for repurposing electrical spools and with Rob working in construction, he can always get his hands on them so I was happy to finally make Bo a little activity table. It was surprisingly easier than I thought and I think it came out really cute and functional!

Affordable Closet Storage Organization

I share my closet tour along with tips and what I use to organize my closet. The storage I use is affordable and easy to find! My tip for your closet is to find affordable storage solutions that fit your wardrobe needs and something that is flexible with your changing style.

Rustic Bed Hack With Storage

Divan beds are super cheap to buy but they are also super ugly and they don’t have any storage, all that storage potential but you can’t reach it! The space under a bed is a perfect hiding space for anything you don't need on a daily basis but my divan bed frame used up all this space with its fabric covered frame. As my current home is a bit smaller and I need every storage space I can get so it was time for this ugly duckling bed to transform in a rustic storage bed.

Add Storage Drawers Under Your Bed

I’m a big fan of great storage ideas, especially when they look adorable. Most people don't realize it, but you can store things under your bed. I used to store my shoes there, but it got all dusty. It was also difficult to put more than one line of shoes, or else I wouldn't be able to reach them. That's why I love this under-the-bed storage from an old drawer! It's super easy, and it slides out for easy storage. Check out how easy it is to make one.

New Bedroom Organizing Projects

Have a look at what's trending in the world of bedroom organization.

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