Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

What grill is right for you? How many sinks do you need? What is the best outdoor refrigerator that will stand up to the elements where you live? Hometalk can help you design and execute the perfect outdoor kitchen for your space. Ask a question or join the discussion on our popular discussion board. What are you waiting for? Start cooking!

Tips for Cooking Outdoors

Build a pizza oven

Install a woodfired pizza oven. These are made of clay, allowing them to fit into the natural landscape of your outdoor kitchen.

Grow your own herbs

A practical way to add plants to your outside kitchen is with herbs and vegetables. Some ideas include basil, tomatoes, and parsley.

Use rustic materials

Go with neutral colors or choose natural materials such as wood and stone. Use kitchenware made from maple or walnut.

Add a built-in grill

Save space and choose a built-in grill. Add a prep station alongside the grill to create a stylish and convenient outdoor barbecue area.

Recycle and upcycle

Decorate with recycled materials for extra flair and to cut costs. Upcycle your glass bottles into lamps or candle holders.

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Outdoor Kitchen Videos

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Easy DIY PVC Outdoor Dog Shower

**Scroll down to see the video**I have struggled at times when it was shower time. My dog is pretty good when she needs a shower. If the water stops for a split second she is ready to walk away. Making this shower helps free up both hands and pretty much wet her entire body at one time. If this seems like something you'd like to make I’ll take you through the steps I took to make his shower. Be sure to check out the video for more details. No glue was used for this rig it’s all dry fit, this way you can break it down and store it.

Building a Barbecue

Hello, I am Cy from Cy's Corner and this is a project from the mind of my Husband. He wanted to make an area specifically for the barbecue! I made a video of this building adventure and it is included below, but for tutorial sake I will describe his process with some pictures.

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