How To Make Succulent Bird Cage Planter

5 Materials
1 Hour

Succulents are the ideal plant for this kind of project since they require very little care. The birdcage may be put on a coffee table, hung from the eave of your house, or set up in a bright area of your kitchen.

1. Cut the coco fiber basket liner to a size that would be comfortable to you. In order to hold the soil in place, preserve the leftover fiber to use as "fillers" for the spaces between the layers of plants and as liners for the borders of the layers.

2. Place the cut fiber in the bottom of the birdcage and cover it with potting soil. a cage with a top opening would be easier. It will be more difficult to get everything in position if you use one with a side opening door.

3.  Prick out leaf cuttings with a fork. The fork only brings a tiny quantity of dirt with the plant while shielding the roots from harm.

4.  Start with the first layer of soil, place the succulents on their SIDES. Don’t plant them upright; rather, you'll place them on their sides so they may grow to the outside of the birdcage. Bring the succulent plants' heads outside the cage's bars as you go around it.

5. Once you've completed the first layer, add some of the extra fiber to create the margins for the layer, as well as more soil and plants. For the succulent birdcage planter, vary between large and tiny, compact and hanging plants to add interest and dimension. Up till the top section, keep adding plants, soil, and fiber edging.

6. On the top layer, add a large hens and chicks succulent, which can withstand freezing temperatures. In time, it will release some babies and fill in the top. For decorative value, two lengths of the plaid ribbon were tied at the top.

7. When you're done, you'll see that the planter's side has some spots where the soil is visible. Simply pull out pieces of the coco fiber and stuff them into the empty spaces. The fiber is securely fastened to the birdcage after I tucked it behind the bars.

8. Final look

Suggested materials:
  • Birdcage   (Home centre)
  • Coco liners   (Home centre)
  • Ribbon   (Home centre)
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