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I have a hanging picture that I purchased from Walgreens. I love the way it looks, there's wood on top holding the photo and twine to attach it to the wall. I was shopping at the Dollar Tree and saw some small pieces of wood and thought, I could make that myself! A few materials later, I made my own!

I had some of these materials needed on hand, but Dollar Tree had everything you would need to complete this project!

Materials Needed -


Super Glue




Art (I'm using a sheet of peel and stick wallpaper that I have not removed the backing from

Step One - Lay out wood

I laid out my wood pieces to figure out what side I want to show.

Step Two - Glue on magnets

With the magnets together, you will glue them onto one side of the wood.

Gluing the magnets onto one side of wood.

Step Three - Glue magnets to other piece of wood

Once the magnets are glued to one piece of wood, apply super glue to the other magnet, while it's still attached to the other magnet and then place the other piece of wood onto that top magnet.

This will ensure the magnets line up.

Step Four - Add twine

I laid out my twine to see how much I would need

Step Five - Cut twine

Step Six - Glue twine to wood

I added a piece of peel and stick wallpaper that I also purchased from the Dollar tree and there you have it! A super easy way to hang art and easily changeable too!

I did a second 'frame' in a longer piece of wood (also purchased from Dollar Tree), and used some stain I had on hand and gave it a different look!

Suggested materials:
  • Wood   (Dollar Tree)
  • Super glue   (Dollar Tree)
  • Twine   (Dollar Tree)
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  • Rebecca Morales Rebecca Morales 2 days ago

    I purchased these magnetic sheets on clearance at Target YEARS ago. I had them on the side of the fridge but I don’t have as many exposed areas in the new house so I was wondering what to do with them. This is one of the best, simple and budget friendly ideas yet!