Tips on Growing Rainbow Carrots in Pots Very Easy

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10 Minutes

Hello everyone

Ive started growing theses unwins carrots.

They are really tasty, the purple ones is my fave but I never see them in the shop to buy.

Only orange carrots are available to buy.?

Growing carrots is easy and can last in the soil untill you want to harvest them.

Last year I ate some homegrown carrots on Christmas day with lunch. That had been growing since the summer.

Below are my carrot seeds mixed rainbow colour

I will need very fine soil to plant these seeds.

Carrots love fine soil,

just like sand.

Below is my multipurpose compost

I use pots 18 inch deep pots.

carrots need a bit of depth to grow

To make my soil fine I use a siving solution

I used a old fan grill pan

*Pouring my soil onto the grill pan and giving it a shake making it much finer

Like so.

Below I add my feed

Fish blood and bone.

A big handful, some perlite for drainage

Mixing all through the soil.

Once feed as been added and the soil siving solution it should look very fine like below.

Much better finer soil for carrots.

And this will save money.

As soil that's been treated this way goes up in value.

For not much work its worth it.

*Top Tip.

Before sawing the carrot seeds water your soil before so,

As if you water afterwards you will wash the seeds away.

Very small seeds.

Sprinkle over the top.

Some folk use a pencil to peirce the soil to be more precise.

I always just sprinkle over the top.

Like below

I'm happy with this now.

Like below

To be safe from pets I always use a metal grid to place over the top preventing cats contaminating my soil.

Especially if I'm eating the carrots

Place in the sun and let them grow

Water weekly depending on the weather.

Like below

So above this was 2 weeks later.

If you find two seeds sprouting beside each other nip one out.

Imagine two carrots, they can't grow beside each other and reach full potential.

They will all end up small and wonky

So spacing the flower heads will help grow longer, fatter carrots.

And more delicious

3 weeks later after spacing.

They will grow into a full crop

I made two pots.

These will be full grown carrots in 3 month.

Carrots will last a while.

Longer then shop bought ones.

When I need carrots

I will harvest what I need from the soil. (pot)

And leave the rest

They will never rot, and they last a lot longer leaving them in the pot outdoors.

Rather then taken out the full pot of carrots in one go.

Just leave them in the soil.

Carrots grown homegrown is much tastier.

Cheaper and organic as you no what you have added to your crop!

Its not to late to plant carrot seeds.

Hope this inspires people to grow more homegrown food.

This is how they look now. I planted these 8th may. Today is 23rd june. Still not to late to pot up some seeds.

They are looking very healthy.

Thanks for reading

Suggested materials:
  • Urwin colerd carrot seeds   (Asda)
  • Multipurpose compst   (Asda)
  • Fish blood and bone   (Asda)
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