Easy Jewellery Dishes

3 Materials
1 Day

I brought a trinket dish mould from Amazon and some new chameleon pigments and had the perfect idea for a gorgeous jewellery dish to go on my dressing table so this is what I came up with.


I brought some new chameleon pigments from a company called “let’s resin” I couldn’t wait to try them.

There special pigments because they look different colours depending on the angle your looking at them.

I chose to use the two colours Galaxy and Olive.

This was the trinket dish mould I got from Amazon. It wasn’t much at all and the possibilities are endless to what you can make out of it.

Firstly, it I mixed my resin. I use many different brands from Amazon and I’ve never had any problems with any so far. One I would recommend is “J diction resin”

You want to mix up 200ml of resin and hardener. Depending on if your resin is 1:1 or different to mine.

Next it was time to work on the colour. The idea of these chameleon pigments is to use a brush and kind of paint it on all over the mould, depending on where you want the colour.

Then when the resin is poured the pigment will stick to the resin and when cured it will give it a nice effect.

Here is my mould when I had finished painting on the pigments. Already the colours look stunning.

Lastly , I poured my resin slowly, to avoid creating any bubbles. You want to fill the mould to the top, being carful not to over pour.

I left the resin to cure for 24 hours before demoulding.


I demoulded the resin and I’m really pleased with the finished result. I will be using these pigments in a lot of my work in the future.

Suggested materials:
  • Resin, Hardener   (Amazon)
  • Trinket Dish mould   (Amazon)
  • Chameleon pigments   (Amazon)
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