Easy Bee Patio Décor Craft/DIY Using Dollar Tree Items!

5 Materials
1 Hour

Today I'm going to share with you a simple and easy Summer Farmhouse Bee Patio Pillow Décor using humble Dollar Tree items. Its appropriate to decorate your home for Summer in Farmhouse style! icon

This is the cute Bee Patio Pillow we are going to make! icon

First, I started with one of the cute Bee Print cotton Tote bag from Dollar Tree.

Then, I picked up Patio outdoor paints(Yellow, Green and Red) from Home Depot for $1 each.

Plan is to use Yellow paint for the Bee, Red paint for flowers and Green paint for greenery.

Next, I placed a cardboard piece in the Tote bag so the paint doesn't stick to the back of the bag. And I started filling up the paint in the Bee.

Later, I filled up Red and Yellow paint to the flowers and Green paint to the leaves of the tote bag.

This is how it looks after I filled up all the colors of the bag.

While the paint is drying up, I got black yarn from Dollar Tree and I started rolling 25-30 times around my fingers and knotted it with another piece of yarn.

Then, I trimmed the ends to give a even look as shown.

And knotted around to create a tassel.

Then, I added pillow into the tote bag, which I already had and hot glued the top opening of the tote bag. But another option would be to fill the poly fill from any supermarket like Walmart etc.

Lastly, I hot glued the tassels to 4 corners of the pillow to finish the look.

The bright colored florals and greenery has added Décor to this Cute Summer Farmhouse Patio Pillow Décor and looks like store bought!

This is in honor of Bees and Bees are very important for the environment.

And If you are interested to watch all the Bee DIYs here is the link.  https://youtu.be/QK1PGWtsTq0 (And for other videos of my YouTube channel Sun's Arts https://www.youtube.com/c/sunsarts)

I'm extremely happy with the final result of this Beautiful Farmhouse Summer Bee Home Décor DIY! icon

Love Summer and love this beautiful Summer Home Décor! icon

I hope you will enjoy as well! icon

Here is the link for full tutorial!!! icon

Suggested materials:
  • Bee Print Tote Bag   (Dollar Tree)
  • Black Yarn   (Dollar Tree)
  • Yellow, Red, Green Patio Outdoor Paint   (Home Depot)
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