Dollar Tree DIY Grunge Candle

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25 Minutes

This is a nice and easy way to make a grungy candle inexpensively. You can purchase all of your supplies at the Dollar Tree. Most you’ll probably already have on hand if you're a crafter. This technique is great for a primitive look. I’m using these for my 4th of July décor this year but these will also be great for the Christmas holiday season.

What you’ll need:

Candles (you can use any size!)

Paint brush


Mod Podge

A paper plate

Start by putting some Mod Podge on the paper plate.

Next, put a pile of cinnamon next to it. As you can see in the photo.

Now dip your paint brush into the Mod Podge and then the cinnamon and paint it on the candle. Leave it with texture so it isn't smooth.

You want it to have a thick and rough texture.

Working in small areas at a time, do that and then sprinkle on more cinnamon to cover any wet spots.

Repeat all over the candle.

If you want more grungy, scrape the plate, add more Mod Podge and use the lumps. This will give a more grungy textured look. Also if you see any white spots, add more Mod podge and cinnamon to make sure the candle is not showing through. If you are using a bright colored candle, paint the candle brown first. This will help you to not see the candle. Mine was white to begin with so it was covered easily.

It should look like this when it's dry. This would be the time to add more of the mixture if you're seeing any missing spots. If everything looks good you can leave it as is. i recommend to seal it with a spray sealer.

I find this Rust-oleum Dead Flat works great!

Next, I’ll add some ribbon on my candle to give it a more primitive look.

I cut the edges just a little on both sides.

Then I pulled apart to fray the ribbon for the rustic primitive look.

You can see the video for more tips and tricks.

Tie the ribbon around the bottom for a little decorative touch. This is totally optional and you can also use twine.

Here it is all done and added to some of my Americana decor I’ll be using for Fourth of July. See more great tutorials at Gilbert Marketplace on YouTube and Facebook.

Suggested materials:
  • Battery operated candles
  • Mod Podge
  • Paper plate
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