DIY : Upcycle a Biryani Handi ( Pot )

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Convert a handi (pot) into a planter thus creating an aesthetic looking piece instead of throwing it in the dustbin!! We can play our role in making the earth greener!!

We had ordered for Biryani. It was delivered to us in such a cute little handi. I wondered if instead of throwing it away, can it be converted to something useful and aesthetic. This is how it shaped up!!

Prime the pot with White Gesso. Take a flat brush to make the work easier and faster.

The fully primed pot will look like this.

Take small decorative mirrors of the shapes you prefer. Make some nice patters using these mirrors and start sticking the same on the pot.

I have used floral pattern as the design on my pot.

Prepare a paste using POP / Marble dust powder. Choose a high quality POP which should be fine and without any lumps. Select an acrylic paint of your choice and mix this with POP / marble dust powder with water to make it a semi solid paste. Start applying the paste throughout the pot.

Allow it to dry for an hour. When it is around 90% dry, start scraping off the paste from the mirror surface. And clean the mirror surfaces with a soft moist cloth.

The finished planter once the paint has dried fully! Wont you agree with me that this indeed looks gorgeous?icon icon

I have placed an aglonema plant in the planter. You too can flaunt it in your balcony. icon

Suggested materials:
  • Clay pot   (Upcycled Biryani Pot)
  • Prime Gesso   (Itsy Bitsy)
  • Decorative Mirrors   (Local craft shop)
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