DIY Planter Using Jute Rope

2 Materials
60 Minutes

One of the easiest way to decorate your indoor space on a budget is to create DIY crafts. Home craft ideas are so easy to make and fun to do than anything you can buy at the store because they are unique and of your own choice. Here I'm making DIY Planter Using Jute Rope

Step 1: Take a tin, Rinse it and clean it well and let it dry completely.

Step 2: Using glue stick the jute rope around the tin as shown below.

Stick the jute rope as shown.

Step 3: Take any cloth of your favourite print and cut it making a strip.

Once cut fold one end of the stip so that the edge looks clean and stick it with the help of glue and stick the strip on the tin.

Step 4: Once done it will look something like this using a ribbon tie it around the tin as shown below.

And the planter is ready.

Step 5: Take a plastic bottle make sure it fits into the tin. Rinse and clean it and cut it into half using a cutter.

Once cut place it into the tin as shown. Add a little water and your favourite plants.

And your DIY Planter Using Jute Rope is READY!!!

Suggested materials:
  • Glue
  • Jute Rope
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