DIY Plant Hanger

3 Materials
30 Minutes

A DIY Plant Hanger with supplies from Dollar Tree!

First item needed from Dollar Tree is a charger plate

Second, are two 9.5 foot nautical ropes

Third, is a bicycle wheel wreath form

I used a Key Chain Ring to loop the nautical ropes through

Take a end of one of the nautical ropes and put it through the key ring

Tie a knot on the rim of the bicycle wheel wreath form close to a spoke.

Tie a second knot on the other side of the spoke on the rim for extra support and stability

Repeat last three steps with second rope. Leave two spokes in between knots for balance and spacing.

Here’s how the bicycle wheel wreath form and knots should look like afterwards

I used a small hook on the ceiling to hang the planter

Place the key chain ring onto the ceiling hook

Evenly distribute weight and place the charger plate on top of the bicycle wheel wreath form

Finally, place your plant on of choosing on top of the charger plate.

DIY Hanging Planter is officially done and ready to be shown off!

How to DIY Hanging Planter with Dollar Tree video!

Suggested materials:
  • 2 Nautical Rope   (Dollar Tree)
  • Charger Plate   (Dollar Tree)
  • Bicycle Wheel Wreath Form   (Dollar Tree)
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