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Did you know that your desk can be any color that you want? Yes! Anything is possible with color and that is the beauty of it. Explore your creativity by picking a color for your desk that you will absolutely love. I was on the hunt for a specific size desk since the guest bedroom at home is smaller and will serve as a guest bedroom along with my make-shift office when I get to work from home a few days a week.

One day I was strolling through a Goodwill thrift store and spotted this tiny, white desk for $6. I immediately knew I would be buying it for the price along. The size of the desk as perfect too since it was smaller and more compact for the type of space I would be using it in.

As it was transported home, I immediately started composing a plan for the desk makeover. The desk had some scuffs on it so I knew I wanted to spray paint it. Immediately I thought of a matte, blush pink and how fun that would be. With the blush pink spray paint in mind, I thought gold hardware for handles would be a fabulous way to up style it. My plan was hatched and I knew I had to get serious fast.

Next up was securing the spray paint. I found this wonderful matte, blush pink spray paint at a local Wal-Mart. Knowing I would need to spray a few coats to cover the surface area of the desk, I opted into purchasing two bottles of spray paint to play it safe.

I was struggling to find semi-affordable gold hardware for handles in stores so I opted to search for some on Amazon and stumbled across these modern gold handles. Just the right amount of shine and character I wanted to use for the look.

Follow along for the step-by-step process on how to transform a desk of your own into something similar to what I have created.

  1. Make sure to clean down all surfaces of the desk with an all purpose cleaner
  2. Let the desk dry from the cleaning
  3. Now begins the spray painting process. You will want to spray paint in a broad sweeping motion to cover as much surface area as possible. Don't forget to wear a mask as spray paint can be very irritating.
  4. Keep spraying until the entire desk is covered. This took multiple coats of spray paint, at least 3 coats to cover the desk in the desired color
  5. You will want to let the spray paint dry at least 24 hours before doing any drilling for the addition of the handles.
  6. When you are ready to assemble the gold handles on the drawer and cabinet door, you'll want to user a ruler or measuring tape to mark the spots on the desk that you'll be drilling into. Measure the distance between the center of each screw of the handle. This measurement should be used when specifying your new handles. Mark the spots on the desk.
  7. With the markings on your desk, you can now start drilling in those spots. Once all of the holes are drilled, you can now screw in the screw into the handle. Make sure the handle it screwed in tightly and is secured.
  8. Lastly, wipe down the desk from any dust or residue after the drilling is complete. Arrange decor or desk accessories to your liking. Ta-da! You have a super duper cute desk.

The final look of the matte pink desk with gold hardware.

Here is the before look of the desk. It was rather dirty.

Spend some time cleaning and wiping down the surface of your desk. You want the surface of the desk really clean before you start spray painting it.

This is the spray paint I used for this desk makeover. It was found at walmart. The name of the spray paint is: Rust-Oleum Rustic Pink American Accents 2X Ultra Cover Ultra Matte Spray Paint, 12 oz

Start spraying in a sweeping motion. Patience will be your friend during this process.

Continue spray painting. You'll need to go over the desk with a couple of spray paint cans. It took about 2 spray paint cans to cover the desk completely.

The gold/brass hardware was found on Amazon and it was rather inexpensive. A 5-pack of the handles was about ~$10.00, not too bad!

Measure the distance between the center of each screw of the handle. This measurement should be used when specifying your new handles. Mark the spots on the desk. Start the process of drilling.

Make sure the handles are securely assembled with screws and not loose to the touch when pulling on the handles.

The finally look when the desk was dressed up with decor. Right now, my desk is being actively used to work from home so it looks a bit more disorganized than this.

A video of the process from start to finish.

Suggested materials:
  • Spray Paint   (Walmart)
  • Gold Handles/Hardware   (Amazon)
  • Desk   (Goodwill)
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