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How to grow microgreens without soil?

Is this even possible? Can I miraculously grow microgreens without soil?

How to grow microgreens indoors?

With winter coming, I'd like to know how to grow microgreens indoors. Any tips/hacks are welcome. Please and thank you!

High Heat Paint ?

I want to paint the tiles around my fireplace. I think they are ceramic. They are smooth and shiny. What kind of paint should I use for high heat and do I need a... See more

Drill a hole i plastic ornament?

I have been trying to drill a hole in the bottom of plastic ornaments to make a topariry but have been unsuccessful. Tried glue gun with no glue stick and a drill and... See more

How do I varnish oak tree slices?

How do I oak tree slabs

Holiday decor

I need suggestions for using acorns and pine cones as fillers for glass containers. What to add like branches, etc.

Locks for windows

The windows in my new home do not have the safety locks on them. I would like to leave the windows open about an inch when I leave the house but don’t think it’s a... See more

How do I use bottles instead of recycling?

I drink glucerna that comes in a strong white plastic bottle. It reminds me of a female's figure. I don't want to throw them away. Any ideas on how to use them?

Over large dining table transition across 2 types of flooring

Too have room for a foot pattern I need to move the dining area part way onto carpeted area ideas for area rugs or other arrangements
q over large dining table transition across 2 types of flooring


ideas to making simple cute snowmen

How to paint white ikea bookcase?

Want to paint inside sections of white melamine ikea bookcase

Cleaning white kitchen cabinets?

what is the best way to clean white kitchen cabinets?


How can I paint a wine glass

White wash?

White wash dark furniture

How do you felt old wool sweater?

11-17-2021, I have 4 wooden dining room chairs, the felt pads I put on them is starting to come off already, I just got these chairs 4 weeks ago. NOW I see that you... See more

How to grow microgreens in a jar?

I always thought that growing things in jars was super cool. So how could I grow microgreens in a jar?

How to grow sunflower microgreens?

How do I grow sunflower microgreens?

How to grow broccoli microgreens?

How do I grow broccoli microgreens?

How hard is to use a Cricut machine?

I am contemplating on buying a Cricut machine. I have never used one and it seems kind of overwhelming. My question is - is it hard or confusing to learn. Do you... See more

How can i repurpse this?

I have an oak computer desk. We dont want to use it as a computer desk. What can we do with it. Revamp, repurpose ideas needed (no kid ideas..) we'r grandparents if... See more
q how can i repurpse this