How to Clean Cast Iron Skillets

Do you have questions about how to clean cast iron skillets yourself? Should you use soap? How do you properly season it? And does it go in the dishwasher? We've got answers to these questions and more on our discussion boards, projects, and video tutorials. Hometalk can help you keep your cast iron skillet in tip top shape.

Clean and Season a Skillet

Start with baking soda

Sprinkle baking soda into your skillet and add a small cup of water. Use a copper scouring pad to remove rust and grime.

Rinse and dry thoroughly

Once you’ve cleaned the skillet, dry with a paper towel. Make sure there are no wet patches at this stage.

Protect your skillet with oil

Protect your skillet by seasoning it with olive oil. Wipe a thin coat around the entire pan to prevent rust.

Infuse flavor into your skillet

When using oil, after letting the first layer of oil dry, add another. This ensures full coverage and will infuse more flavor into the skillet.

Storing a clean skillet

Hang your skillet from a rack if possible. By keeping the surface clear, you reduce the risk of wiping away the oily layer of protection.

Top Projects for Cleaning Cast Iron Skillets

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Cast Iron Skillet Cleaning Videos

Watch DIY cast iron skillet cleaning videos to clean like a pro.

How to Season and Maintain a Cast Iron Skillet

We got these lovely second hand cast iron skillets and I was totally at a lost as to what to do for cast iron skillet care. I wasn’t sure how to clean it, and -- seasoning cast iron?? I had no idea what that even meant. A good friend came to the rescue and showed me how easy it can be to show some love to my cast iron pan. Now we use it all the time and it’s the best way to make eggs, mac & cheese, cornbread and about a billion other things. You should season your cast iron when you first get it, after every use, and if you haven’t used your pan in a long time. All you need to season your pan is cooking oil... Here’s a dirty pan after I made cornbread in it.

How to Clean and Reseason a Rusty Cast Iron Pan

My grandmother always told me you can't clean an iron skillet, no matter what. It's one of those myths passed down from generation to generation. You heard me: it's a myth! It's true that cast iron skillets cant be put in the dishwasher or cleaned with your regular dish soap, but that doesn't mean you can't restore it to its former shining glory. Here I'll show you how to clean and season your old iron skillet in 6 easy steps. Step 1: Gather Your Supplies