How to Clean Carpets

Kids, pets, and just regular life can wreak havoc on your carpet. Hometalk can help you get it back to it's original pristine state with our tips, tricks, and hacks for DIY carpet cleaning. Look through our top, best, and new projects on carpet cleaning and take a moment to watch a video or two. We can't wait to see what you do!

Clean Carpets Like a Pro

Clean your vacuum for max suction

Ensure your vacuum cleaner is in working order before you start. Empty the bag and remove debris from the head to get maximum suction.

The sweet smell of spring

Give your carpet a fresh smell with some deodorizer. Sprinkle liberally around the room and leave for at least 30 minutes.

Fluff lifeless carpet with ice

Rejuvenate lifeless sections of your carpet with ice cubes. Placing small blocks of ice in any dents will help fluff it up again.

Don’t ignore your furniture

Use your vacuum's attachments to remove dust from possibly neglected areas like chairs, tables, and pictures.

Vacuum from the far corner

Finish each room by vacuuming from the far corner to the door. Working in this way will stop you from cleaning yourself into a corner.

Top Projects for Cleaning Carpet

Take a moment to browse our top projects on DIY carpet cleaning.

Carpet Cleaning Videos

We have videos on DIY carpet cleaning to help you clean your carpet in not time.

Get Your Carpet Smelling Fresh With This Eco Carpet Freshener

I’m all about green cleaning ideas and homemade cleaning products. So when I found this recipe for a carpet freshener I thought, "let’s give it a try." We just got a second dog ( a cute puppy that has stolen our heats), and all our carpets could use a little freshening up. I was a little skeptical about this at first, but two days after I used it, a neighbor stopped by and took a deep breath and then asked me what yummy thing I was baking. She was so surprised when I told her it was my new carpet freshener. It definitely covered up the pet smells. Here’s the recipe:

9 Ways to Clean Your Toughest Household Messes.

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The BEST Stain Remover for Oil Based Stains!

Got stains? Yup, me too. Most of ours tend to be oil based or you guessed it, paint. Today I’m going to share a few photos and a quick video of how I’ve gotten rid of oil based stains with virtually no effort.

Best Cleaning Hacks That Actually Work

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New Carpet Cleaning Projects

Take a look through our new carpet cleaning projects and learn something new.

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