Bye Bye Jack and Jill Doors

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my home was build in 1980 (my age what!) lol! the only one bathroom upstairs has a jack and jill doors. knowing that the bathroom is really small, and three bedrooms are sharing it including the master bedroom. sometimes, the guests are using it too. so here i had two major problems. the first one was the locking and unlocking both when you need to use the bathroom privacy. the second one was the small space of the bathroom that made the two doors bump in each others when opening them, in result they get stuck. i suggested to my husband to flip the opening and make one of the doors opens in the opposite way to avoid that clutch. but still left the privacy problem. finally, we agreed to turn the master bedroom door to a slide door which was a brilliant idea. I'm so relieved now and the bathroom looks even more spacious like that.

here you can see that the two doors are next to each others. i removed the one in the master bedroom because i have more space for a slide door.

carefully, i removed the the frame from both sides.

the first plan was to reuse the same door, but when you remove the frame the door becomes wider and higher so whatever we tried to do to make it fit, it was just a waste of time and money. a brand new door costs $45, no need to a lots of math lol!

the first door was a 24" by 78", that's means we needed a 32" by 80".

the railing was from lowe's, it was better to put a bar underneath the railing to have enough room to slide the door.

the frame was a flat boards in all 9 sides for a modern look. if you see that gap in-between the frame, that because i did it in purpose. i want to insert a led light in the future in it.

i placed the hardware on the new door and slide it in the railing, that was super easy though! and so satisfying yeah!

i screwed on the wall a small plastic holder in the bottom to hold the door close tight to the wall, because without it the door will be wiggly. i placed a round door knop and a lock.

the bathroom looks bigger from the inside. the other door has to be updated too, i mean all the doors in the house... but it's a long-term project.

i like how it looks from my bedroom. I'm so relieved now, no more struggling with that annoying clutch and no more peekaboos while using the bathroom.

Suggested materials:
  • Slide door rail   (lowe's)
  • Molding   (lowe's)
  • Door   (home depot)
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  • William William 2 days ago

    Great solution. And it looks great. I really like the modern look to the rail and hardware rather than the barn door look.

    • Hinda Hinda 2 days ago

      Exact, my bedroom has a modern style so a traditional barn door will look awkward in it. Thank you William 🙏🏼